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Video Converter is an online service that allows you to easily convert video files to audio. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through the website, macOS, and Windows. With monthly visits of around 100,000, it provides free file conversion and easy online access.



  • It's completely free to convert your files, with no hidden charges.
  • You can access the converter easily online, no need for any installations.
  • You can use this tool to convert sections of your videos, not just the whole file.
  • It supports batch conversion, so you can change the format of multiple files at once.
  • The converter supports over 180 media formats, so it's likely you'll find the one you need.

Use cases

  • If you have a video or audio file in a format that you can't play, you can change it to a different one.
  • If your video file is too large, you can use this converter to compress it online.
  • If you have a long video and you only need a certain part, you can convert just that fragment.
  • If you have a pile of videos or audios to convert, you can do it all at once with the batch conversion feature.

Perfect for

  • Anyone who has a video or audio file that they can't play due to the format.
  • Anyone who needs to compress a video file so it's easier to share or store.
  • Anyone who has a specific part of a video that they need in a different format.
  • Anyone who has a bunch of files in different formats and needs them all in one uniform format.
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