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Gen-2 by RunwayML is an online service that allows you to generate videos and animate images. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily create unique and customized creations through their website. Fine-tune your generations using advanced settings and then generate your bespoke creation.



  • 30 AI Magic Tools for a variety of tasks
  • Fully-featured timeline video editor for creating and editing videos
  • Automatic prompt suggestions to inspire your creations
  • Advanced settings for fine-tuning generations to get your desired results
  • Upscaling for enhanced video resolution to improve the quality of your videos

Use cases

  • Creating videos in any style you want
  • Generating videos from text prompts for easy content creation
  • Getting inspired by automatic prompt suggestions when you're stuck
  • Adjusting settings for fine-tuning generations to get the perfect result
  • Saving seed numbers for future generations so you can reproduce your results

Perfect for

  • Content creators who need to generate videos quickly
  • Video editors who want a tool that can do more than just edit video
  • AI researchers who want to explore the capabilities of AI in video creation
  • Creative professionals who need a tool that can help them create stunning videos
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