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Wiseone is a free AI-powered reading tool available as a browser extension. Enhance your online reading experience, explore the web while reading, and get instant answers to complex questions. Unlock a new way of reading, improve productivity, and expand knowledge. Supports multiple languages and PDFs. Works everywhere.



  • You can ask anything and get simplified answers.
  • Works on all websites, not just a few.
  • Explore feature lets you dive deeper into your reading.
  • Integrated search helper finds you the best sources.
  • Summarizes content with key takeaways for easy understanding.

Use cases

  • It's great for researching, you get to understand complex stuff easily.
  • You can use it for reading and browsing, it makes the experience better.
  • It's a tool for knowledge expansion, you can learn more with less time.

Perfect for

  • Knowledge seekers will love this, it makes finding information easier.
  • Online readers can enhance their reading experience.
  • Researchers get instant answers to complex questions, makes their work simpler.
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