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The Search Intent Optimization Tool analyzes how well your content aligns with user search intent. Powered by Bing's Team Insights, it provides precise understanding of the match between user search and your page. Free plan available.



  • It's AI-powered, which means it uses artificial intelligence to deliver precise results.
  • It's cutting-edge, so you know you're getting the latest technology.
  • It uses a traffic light system to indicate how well your content aligns with a user's search intent.
  • It delivers a high level of precision in understanding what users are looking for.

Use cases

  • If you want to improve the relevance of your web page, this tool could be really useful.
  • If you're trying to understand how well your content aligns with what users are searching for, this tool can help.

Perfect for

  • Website owners might find this tool handy as it can help them optimize their content for search queries.
  • Content creators could also benefit from this tool as it can help them understand how well their content matches what users are searching for.
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