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Written Labs is an online service that helps you generate articles effortlessly. With options to generate articles from a given topic, it offers advanced configuration options and simple keyword import. Available for free and paid plans, access is through their website, requiring Google sign in and email. With around 20,000 monthly visits, Written Labs is the go-to tool to generate a large volume of content quickly and outperform your SERP competitors.



  • Automated generation of articles
  • Advanced configuration options for AI content
  • Keyword import for article generation
  • Powerful document editor for content tweaking
  • Export to various formats like HTML, Markdown, or text

Use cases

  • Generating AI content at scale
  • Analyzing SERP competitors
  • Editing and publishing articles
  • Bulk publishing articles directly to CMS

Perfect for

  • Content creators who need to generate articles fast
  • Marketers looking for an efficient way to create content
  • Bloggers who want to automate their content creation
  • SEO professionals who need to analyze SERP competitors
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