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Xmind AI is an online service that helps you grow ideas with AI and create mind maps. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. The service requires email and account registration. With around 200,000 monthly visits, Xmind AI combines mind mapping and GPT for efficient and seamless writing.



  • AI-powered mind mapping for generating ideas and visualizing patterns.
  • Seamless team collaboration with real-time multiplayer functionality.
  • Cloud storage ensuring data synchronization and secure storage.
  • Multi-platform accessibility allowing access from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Todo list management with automatic slide generation and version history.

Use cases

  • Brainstorming sessions for idea generation and exploration.
  • Project planning with mind maps and todo lists.
  • Problem solving by drawing connections and unlocking insights.
  • Idea exploration through visualizing patterns and drawing connections.
  • Presentation making with automatic slide generation.

Perfect for

  • Individuals looking for a tool to organize thoughts and generate ideas.
  • Teams needing a platform for seamless collaboration and brainstorming.
  • Project leaders wanting a tool for effective project planning and problem solving.
  • Presenters needing a tool for creating visually engaging presentations.
  • Web designers and writers who want to embed mind maps into websites and documents.
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