merge PDF

Combine multiple PDF files into a single document, making it easy to organize and share your files. The output will be a unified PDF containing all the original content.

Top 3 Services for PDF merging


Merge PDF files online for free or with a paid plan. Combine multiple PDF files easily and quickly on the website. Monthly visits around 9 million. Other PDF tools available such as split, compress, and convert.


Soda is an online service that allows you to split and merge PDF files. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through the website or Windows app. You can split PDFs from Google Drive, Dropbox, or by uploading files. The service requires a Google sign-in and account registration. With around 600 monthly visits, Soda provides a convenient solution for extracting specific pages from PDFs while maintaining their quality. However, it does not support splitting password-protected files.

GoogleGoogle sign inaccount registration required

Doozy Tools offers a free online service with the mission to build faster, better, and secure web tools. With no file upload, installation, or data security risks, it provides a convenient and safe experience for users. Visit the website for more information.

Services that merge PDF documents typically allow users to upload multiple PDF files and then combine them into a single document. The merged document can then be downloaded or emailed to the user.

There are a few different ways that PDF merging services can work. The most common way is for the service to provide a web-based interface that allows users to upload the PDF files that they want to merge. Once the PDF files are uploaded, the service will combine the files into a single PDF document.

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