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Soda is an online service that allows you to split and merge PDF files. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through the website or Windows app. You can split PDFs from Google Drive, Dropbox, or by uploading files. The service requires a Google sign-in and account registration. With around 600 monthly visits, Soda provides a convenient solution for extracting specific pages from PDFs while maintaining their quality. However, it does not support splitting password-protected files.



  • Soda lets you extract specific pages from your PDFs.
  • It maintains the quality of your PDF pages even after extraction.
  • You can split password-protected PDF files with Soda, but you'll need to unlock them first.
  • It supports splitting of large PDF files into smaller ones.

Use cases

  • You can use Soda when you need to share specific pages of a PDF with someone.
  • It's handy for organizing and managing your PDF documents, especially if they're large.

Perfect for

  • Administrative staff might find Soda useful for managing documents.
  • Professionals who deal with a lot of PDFs could use it to make their work easier.
  • Students can use it to split lecture notes or other PDF materials.
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