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AI Art Generator by LOVO is a service that generates stunning images in seconds. With both free and paid plans available, you can turn your imagination into reality and amplify your message to your audience. Accessible through the website or API, the only obstacles are Google sign-in, email, and account registration.



  • AI Art Generator creates AI-generated images and art.
  • It provides quick generation within seconds.
  • It allows up to 3 variations of each image.
  • The tool has optimized prompts for premium images.
  • It provides copyright-free images.

Use cases

  • The service is used for creating images for videos.
  • It's great for enhancing creative visions.
  • It can be used to express creativity in new ways.
  • It's a tool for generating images for various types of content.

Perfect for

  • Video creators can find this service helpful.
  • Artists may find this tool useful.
  • Content creators can benefit from using this service.
  • Professionals in need of realistic photographs and images may find this tool handy.
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