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Albus is a free AI app available on the website that helps with brainstorming ideas. It allows users to explore any topic from different perspectives, similar to a combination of Google and Pinterest. However, users need to sign in with their Google account and register an account to use the service. With Albus, you can open up topics, discover new angles, ask new questions, add notes and images, and easily share and present your ideas. Start exploring and let your knowledge bloom with Albus.



  • Albus allows for topic organization and idea board creation
  • The service is powered by AI for exploration purposes
  • It provides an image search functionality
  • It offers content presentation capabilities

Use cases

  • The service is great for presentations and storytelling
  • It can be used for content creation and organization
  • It's suitable for research and knowledge exploration
  • It can be used for brainstorming and ideation

Perfect for

  • Marketers might find Albus useful
  • Students can benefit from using the service
  • Researchers can take advantage of the service
  • Content creators may find it helpful
  • Educators could use it for their needs
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