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askGenie is a website where you can create your own ChatGPT agent using your existing data. It offers both free and paid plans and is trusted by over 1000 users. Connect your knowledge base from anywhere and integrate and launch your agent on various platforms. Monthly visits: around 30000.



  • You can create custom branding for your ChatGPT agent.
  • The service lets you set a personalized welcome message for your agent.
  • It provides sample questions and prompts to guide your agent.
  • You can integrate the agent with external tools and APIs.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Use cases

  • You can use it to improve your customer service interactions.
  • It can automate the process of retrieving information.
  • You can build AI agents for various industries.
  • It can assist you with data analysis and decision-making.

Perfect for

  • Businesses can use this service to create and train their own AI agents.
  • Individuals who want to simplify complex tasks or automate workflows might find it useful.
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