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Brickify Me is an online service that turns your images into brickified LEGO figures. With a free or paid plan, simply upload your image on the website and let the advanced algorithms process it. Join the 2000+ users who have already created their unique LEGO masterpieces with Brickify Me. Don't miss the limited-time offer of 50% off using code BRICKIFY50 at checkout, ending on January 31st. Experience the evolution of digital expression with Brickify Me today!



  • BrickifyMe uses advanced image processing algorithms to transform your photos into LEGO figures.
  • They offer affordable pricing plans, even providing a 50% discount with the code BRICKIFY50.
  • There's a referral program to share the fun with friends and earn rewards.
  • They promise no watermarks on your output images, ensuring a clean and professional look.
  • The service offers high-quality output images and faster image processing.

Use cases

  • You can surprise your kids by creating personalized LEGO figures of them.
  • Unleash your creativity and make unique LEGO masterpieces from your photos.
  • It's a fun way to bring your LEGO dreams to life, transforming yourself into a LEGO figure.

Perfect for

  • BrickifyMe is great for LEGO lovers who want to add a personal touch to their LEGO collection.
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