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Character Count Tool is a free online service that allows you to easily count characters and words from text. It also provides an analysis of the top frequency of words. Visit our website for instant statistics and useful insights.



  • Counts characters with or without spaces
  • Monitors character and word count in real time
  • Excludes grammar words from count
  • Provides statistics on word frequency
  • Estimates reading and speaking time based on the text input

Use cases

  • Helpful when monitoring character and word count in writing with specific limits
  • Useful for checking character and word count in social media posts
  • Can be used when you want to exclude grammar words from your count
  • Good for getting statistics on word frequency in a text
  • Helpful for estimating reading and speaking time for a piece of text

Perfect for

  • Writers who need to stay within specific character or word limits
  • Social media managers who need to monitor post lengths
  • Content creators who want to understand word usage in their text
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