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Word Counter is a free online tool that provides an extensive report on word count, character count, keyword density, readability, and other useful stats. Simply input text to start counting.



  • Provides extensive statistics about word count, character count, syllable count, and more.
  • Analyzes readability of the text.
  • Calculates keyword density in the text.
  • Automatically saves your work in the browser for later use.

Use cases

  • Enhances writing productivity by providing detailed stats about your text.
  • Helps in identifying difficult words in your text.
  • Assists in analyzing readability of your text.
  • Counts words and characters in various types of texts, such as books, essays, novels, blogs, Twitter and Facebook statuses.
  • Calculates keyword density for SEO purposes.

Perfect for

  • Writers who want detailed stats about their writing.
  • Bloggers who need to keep track of word and character count.
  • Students who need to stick to word limits for assignments or dissertations.
  • Content creators who want to optimize their text for SEO.
  • Office workers who need to analyze readability of their reports or presentations.
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