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Description is a personalized AI chatbot service that generates chatbots for websites. It learns from website content and other resources to respond accurately and instantly. Free and paid plans are available. Account registration and email are required.



  • comes with AI chatbots that learn and adapt automatically.
  • It can be trained on multiple data sources like website content, documents, and knowledge base.
  • You can customize the branding of the chatbot to match your business.
  • gives you insights into your customers' conversations.
  • It allows you to fine-tune the responses of the chatbot.

Use cases

  • is great for boosting customer support by answering questions instantly and accurately.
  • It can be used as a website chatbot to engage visitors and provide information.
  • It works as a knowledge base assistant, making it easy to access information.
  • can automate FAQs, saving your team's time and effort.

Perfect for

  • Businesses of all sizes can use to improve customer service.
  • Customer support teams will find it useful for handling queries and providing instant responses.
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