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ChatShape is an online service that generates AI-powered chatbots for websites. With a free or paid plan, users can easily create a chatbot by adding a website link, which will be crawled and used to train the chatbot. The chatbot can be embedded on the website to instantly answer customer queries and convert more visitors. ChatShape also offers a Chrome extension that allows users to create chatbots from private Notion, Confluence, and Quip wikis. The service is accessible through the website or the extension, but users will need to sign in with Google, provide an email, and register for an account.



  • You can add custom data to the chatbot.
  • Features message recording and exporting.
  • Includes lead collection and conversation tracking.
  • There's an option for an email input form.
  • You can customize prompts and start messages.

Use cases

  • You can build AI-powered chatbots for your website.
  • It's great for answering customer queries instantly.

Perfect for

  • Customer support agents could really use it.
  • Website owners might find it handy.
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