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CommandBar is an AI-powered user assistance service that provides in-app help, natural language search, and non-annoying nudges. It answers questions based on provided content and summarizes content. Available plans include Free and Paid. Accessible via the website. Obstacles include the need for Google sign-in, email, and account registration. The service receives around 30,000 monthly visits.



  • Nudges that guide users through desired paths
  • Natural language search for easy user navigation
  • AI-powered chatbot for user support
  • In-app help for user assistance
  • Searchable help content for easy access to help documents

Use cases

  • Creating a custom AI-powered chatbot for user support
  • Making help documents easily accessible and searchable within the app
  • Improving user experience with natural language search
  • Providing in-app help to users
  • Guiding users through desired paths with nudges

Perfect for

  • Customer support teams who need to provide effective user support
  • Product managers who aim to improve user experience
  • App developers who want to integrate user assistance within their apps
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