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OpenCopilot is an AI Copilot service for your SaaS product. It allows you to create a product copilot that can communicate with your underlying APIs and perform complex tasks. The service is available for free on the website. The only obstacle is the requirement to sign in with Google. With OpenCopilot, your users can easily interact with your system using normal texts. You can integrate OpenCopilot into your product using their chat bubble feature. The service has gained popularity with over 2850 GitHub stars and 5 contributors. OpenCopilot is open source, allowing you to self-host it on your website with a simple "make install" command. You have full control over your data and can rely on community support.



  • Planning engine for executing complex requests
  • Flows builder for defining business flows
  • Team support for building product copilots
  • Open-source and can be self-hosted
  • Integration with underlying APIs and multiple platforms (web, mobile)

Use cases

  • Chatting with the product instead of using UI
  • Building AI copilots for SaaS products
  • Generating recommendations for users
  • Executing multiple actions in one go
  • Creating in-product user assistants

Perfect for

  • Product managers
  • Business owners
  • Developers
  • SaaS product owners
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