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Deezer is a music streaming service that allows you to generate music playlists by artists. With over 90 million tracks, podcasts, and radio channels, you can listen to music online, collect your favorites, create playlists, and share with friends. Deezer offers a free plan, as well as a paid option. Accessible through their website, Deezer also provides curated recommendations and exclusive Deezer Originals.



  • Deezer gives you access to over 90 million tracks.
  • It offers curated recommendations to enhance your music experience.
  • With Deezer, you can enjoy Deezer Originals exclusives.
  • It allows for creating and sharing your playlists.
  • Deezer offers offline listening with its premium plans.

Use cases

  • You can use Deezer for listening to music online.
  • It helps in creating playlists of your favorite songs.
  • You can share your music with friends using Deezer.
  • With Deezer, you can download music for offline listening.
  • Deezer can be used for streaming podcasts.

Perfect for

  • Music enthusiasts who love discovering new tracks would find Deezer useful.
  • Podcast listeners can benefit from the range of podcasts available on Deezer.
  • Anyone who likes to create and share playlists would love using Deezer.
  • If you prefer listening to music offline, Deezer's premium plan is perfect for you.
  • Those who enjoy exclusive content would appreciate the Deezer Originals.
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