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Denigma is an online service that uses AI to read and explain code in understandable English. It helps software professionals understand unfamiliar programming constructs, with sample explanations provided. It is available for free or with a paid plan on their website, which receives around 50,000 monthly visits.



  • Denigma uses machine learning to explain code in simple English.
  • It can install dependencies for your projects.
  • It builds and packages applications for you.
  • Denigma can manipulate memory maps.
  • It can handle HTTP requests and manage inventories.

Use cases

  • Denigma is great when you're dealing with unfamiliar programming constructs and need explanations.
  • It can help you in developing software applications.
  • If you're working with memory maps, Denigma has got you covered.
  • It's useful when you need to fetch data from a server.
  • And if you're managing inventories, you'll find it handy.

Perfect for

  • Software developers would find Denigma useful.
  • Programmers can benefit from its features.
  • And web developers would appreciate its capabilities.
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