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Dictionary.com is a free online service that helps you find the meaning of any word. With around 27 million monthly visits, it is a reliable source for all your vocabulary needs.



  • Dictionary.com has a 'Word of the Day' feature.
  • It offers different word games.
  • It provides information about word origins.
  • It shares fun facts related to words and language.
  • Dictionary.com has quizzes to test your language knowledge.

Use cases

  • You can use Dictionary.com for daily word learning.
  • It's great for teaching and learning poetry.
  • You can play crosswords and other word games on it.
  • You can explore word origins and fun facts on Dictionary.com.
  • You can test your language knowledge through quizzes on the site.

Perfect for

  • Word enthusiasts would find this site useful.
  • It's a great tool for students to improve their vocabulary.
  • Teachers can use it as a resource for teaching language and poetry.
  • Crossword and word game enthusiasts would enjoy the games on the site.
  • Anyone who wants to test and improve their language knowledge might find this site helpful.
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