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Feedly is an online service that allows you to easily track your competitors and gather insights from multiple sources. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. Although there are some obstacles like social authentication, Google sign-in, and email and account registration requirements, Feedly is visited by around 37 million users every month.



  • Feedly has really quick research capabilities.
  • It gives a full view of market trends and the competitive landscape.
  • It provides actionable threat intelligence.
  • The news feed can be customized according to your preferences.

Use cases

  • Feedly can be used by cybersecurity teams for threat intelligence.
  • Market intelligence teams can use it to analyze market trends and the competitive landscape.
  • Curious individuals can utilize it to research various topics and trends.
  • Individual readers can use it to curate their own news feed.

Perfect for

  • Cybersecurity teams would find Feedly really useful.
  • Market intelligence teams could benefit from it.
  • Curious individuals who enjoy researching would like it.
  • Individual readers who want a customizable news feed should try it out.
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