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The Final Grade Calculator is a free online service that helps you calculate your final grade. Simply input your current grade, target grade, and final exam weight to determine your final exam grade. Access the service through the website.



  • Final Grade Calculator calculates the final exam grade from your current grade and your target grade.
  • It can also calculate the final exam grade from multiple current grades and a target grade.
  • Another feature is that it calculates the total class grade from the current grade and the final exam grade.
  • Lastly, it can calculate the average grade needed in assignments.

Use cases

  • It's great for figuring out the grade you need on your final exam to hit your target grade.
  • It's also useful for calculating the average grade you need in your assignments.

Perfect for

  • Students will find this tool really helpful, especially when trying to estimate their final grades.
  • Teachers can also use it to calculate final grades or average grades needed for their students.
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