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Grade Calculator is a free online service that helps you calculate your grade based on percentage grades, letter grades, and points. Simply input the weights and grades for each course, and the calculator will provide you with the weighted average grade. Accessible through the website.



  • Calculates weighted grades for individual courses
  • Calculates weighted average grades across multiple courses
  • Supports different types of grades: percentage grades, letter grades, and points grades
  • Takes into account the weights of each course when calculating the grades
  • Provides accurate calculations for both percentage and points grades

Use cases

  • Calculating final grades for individual courses
  • Determining the overall GPA for a semester or academic year
  • Comparing grades across different courses with different weights
  • Helping students track their academic performance
  • Assisting teachers and academic institutions in grading

Perfect for

  • Students who need to calculate their final grades for courses
  • Teachers who need to determine the grades of their students
  • Academic institutions that need a tool for calculating weighted grades
  • Anyone who needs to calculate weighted grades or weighted average grades
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