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Hemingway Editor is an online service that helps improve your writing by highlighting passive voice, complex sentences, and common errors. It offers a free and paid plan and can be accessed via the website, macOS, and Windows. With around 2 million monthly visits, Hemingway Editor makes your writing bold and clear.



  • Identifies common errors in your text
  • Enables you to compose new content directly in the app
  • Marks any phrases that are in the passive voice
  • Suggests edits to sentences to enhance readability
  • Highlights adverbs and weakening phrases in your writing

Use cases

  • When you're writing new content and want to make sure it's clear and concise
  • If you're editing and proofreading content you've already written

Perfect for

  • Students who want to improve their writing
  • Bloggers aiming for a more engaging and readable style
  • Content creators who want their text to be easy to understand
  • Writers looking to refine their craft and avoid common errors
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