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Voice Changer is a free online service that allows you to easily change your voice. Simply upload or record a voice file, select a target pitch, and play the changed voice. Save the file if desired.



  • The service can change your voice to sound like a man or an old man.
  • It also has a reverse reverb voice changer and a PA speaker voice changer.
  • There's an echo voice effect and a cymbal voice effect.
  • It supports all popular audio formats and there's no quality loss.
  • The service is accessible through a simple web interface and guarantees privacy.

Use cases

  • You can use the service to change your voice just for fun or entertainment.
  • It's also useful for creating voice effects for audio or video content.

Perfect for

  • General users who are interested in changing their voice for fun can use the service.
  • Content creators who need voice effects for their audio or video content might find the service useful.
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