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Description is a free online service that generates interview questions and provides feedback on your answers. With around 90000 monthly visits, it aims to make job interviews stress-free and help you land your dream role. Sign in with Google to get started.



  • AI-generated interview questions to help you prepare better
  • Feedback on your responses to help you improve
  • Audio simulations to give you a feel of a real interview
  • Sample roles to choose from, so you can practice for specific job titles
  • A 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to answer all your queries

Use cases

  • Preparing for job interviews by practicing with AI
  • Practicing interview questions so you’re not caught off guard
  • Improving your interview skills to increase your chances of success

Perfect for

  • Job seekers who want to practice and prepare for interviews
  • Interviewees in the tech industry who want to ace their interviews
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