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Kastro is an online service that allows you to create chatbots for your business. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily set up AI-powered customer support on your website. Simply register an account and start building your chatbot to provide better conversations, happier customers, and increase sales. Kastro offers features like live chat, GPT chatbot, help center, and an AI-enhanced workspace to streamline your support process. Get faster responses, 24/7 customer support, and lower costs for your support operations. Trust Kastro to enhance your customer service experience and get more done with AI.



  • Kastro has a built-in AI chatbot that can handle repetitive queries.
  • It features a human handoff system for complex problems.
  • It offers a help center and a documentation page.
  • Kastro provides live chat and automated offline responses.
  • It includes features like typing suggestions and collaborative answering.

Use cases

  • Startups can use Kastro to manage their customer support.
  • Indie Hackers can use it to reduce their support volume.
  • It can be used for efficient help desk management.
  • It helps in organizing and suggesting relevant articles from conversations.
  • Kastro can be quickly set up and integrated into your existing system.

Perfect for

  • Customer service representatives can use Kastro to focus on important conversations.
  • Support teams can use it to handle a large volume of queries.
  • It can be used by businesses that want to improve their customer support.
  • Customer service teams that need a quick setup and easy-to-use tool can use Kastro.
  • Support teams that want to leverage AI for handling support can use Kastro.
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