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Create a personalized group card for special occasions with Kudoboard. Add messages, photos, GIFs, and videos, invite others to contribute, and deliver the heartfelt board. Requires Google sign-in and email. Paid plans available. Monthly visits: 1,000,000.



  • Kudoboard is a collaborative and interactive platform.
  • It allows you to customize the design of your card.
  • The service supports multiple contributors on a single card.
  • It offers flexible sharing options for your created cards.
  • Kudoboard is a modern alternative to traditional physical cards.

Use cases

  • You can use Kudoboard to celebrate birthdays.
  • It's great for marking work anniversaries.
  • It can be used for farewells when someone is leaving the company or moving.
  • The service is useful for celebrating company milestones.
  • You can use it for holiday-themed initiatives.

Perfect for

  • Individuals will find Kudoboard useful for personal celebrations.
  • Teams can use it to celebrate accomplishments and milestones together.
  • Companies can use the service to drive employee happiness and engagement.
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