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about 10M users per month

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Last.fm is a free online service that helps you find music and podcasts by artists. With its website and mobile apps available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, you can easily explore and discover new music. With around 38 million monthly visits, Last.fm brings together your favorite music services and connects your musical world.



  • Connecting Spotify account
  • Scrobbling music
  • Managing cookies and privacy settings
  • Customizing content
  • Serving personalized advertisements

Use cases

  • For Last.fm users who want to explore artists and their similar artists
  • For website visitors who want to manage their cookie preferences and privacy settings
  • For advertisers who want to analyze the effectiveness of their advertisements
  • For music lovers who want to connect their Spotify account to Last.fm and track their listening habits

Perfect for

  • Last.fm users
  • Website visitors
  • Advertisers
  • Music lovers
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