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Magic Hour is an online service that generates videos for creators. With plans available for both free and paid users, the service offers features like style transfer, animation, face swap, and text-to-video. Users can access the service via the website, but they may encounter obstacles such as requiring a Google sign-in, email registration, watermarks, and account registration. Trusted by over 59,000 creators, Magic Hour aims to simplify AI video creation and upgrade content.



  • Magic Hour provides a range of generative AI tools to create and edit videos.
  • It allows you to apply style transfer to your videos.
  • With Magic Hour, you can change the subjects in your existing videos.
  • It also offers a text-to-video conversion feature.
  • Magic Hour includes animation and face swap capabilities.

Use cases

  • Magic Hour is great for video editing tasks.
  • Content creators can use it to produce unique and engaging videos.
  • It can be used for creating animations.
  • Magic Hour is useful for face swapping in videos.
  • It's also handy for converting text into videos.

Perfect for

  • Creators who need to produce and edit videos can benefit from Magic Hour.
  • Video editors looking for AI-powered tools will find Magic Hour useful.
  • Animators can use Magic Hour for creating engaging animations.
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