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MagicAnimate is an open source service that allows you to animate images. With its cutting-edge diffusion-based framework, you can easily create animated videos from a single image and a motion video. Best of all, it's completely free to use.



  • MagicAnimate provides temporally consistent human image animation.
  • It uses a diffusion-based framework for animation.
  • The tool can animate reference images with motion sequences from various sources.
  • MagicAnimate integrates with T2I diffusion models like DALLE3.
  • It has the capability to bring text-prompted images to life with dynamic actions.

Use cases

  • You can use MagicAnimate to create dance videos.
  • It's also useful for animating images with an anime style.
  • MagicAnimate can be used to enhance animation fidelity.

Perfect for

  • Content creators might find MagicAnimate useful.
  • Video editors can use it to create unique animations.
  • Animation enthusiasts would definitely appreciate this tool.
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