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MediaFire is a file storage and sharing service that simplifies your workflow. With 10GB of free storage, you can easily upload and share photos, videos, audio, and docs. Collaborate, store, and access your files anytime, anywhere.



  • Unlimited bandwidth and downloads
  • Multiple file uploads at once
  • One-Time Links for secure sharing which expire after 100 days
  • Professional business features in the Pro version, including no ads
  • 10GB of free storage which can be expanded to 50GB with bonuses

Use cases

  • Uploading and sharing photos, videos, audio, and documents
  • Collaborating on project files with team members
  • Emailing large files
  • Storing personal files and media such as photos, videos, and audio
  • Accessing important files remotely from any location

Perfect for

  • Individuals needing to store personal files and media
  • Music groups sharing sheet music and audio practice files
  • TV and film professionals storing and sharing files
  • Businesses of all sizes for file storage and collaboration
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