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Mendeley is a free online service that helps you find articles for your research. With over 100 million cross-publisher articles, you can easily search for topics like COVID-19, Bioenergy, and Obesity. You can add papers from your browser or import documents from your desktop. Access your library from anywhere using the website or the macOS, Windows, and Linux apps. Mendeley also allows you to generate references, citations, and bibliographies in various journal styles. Plus, you'll have access to 250,000 science, technology, and health jobs. Join Mendeley today and bring your research to life!



  • Mendeley allows you to access your library from anywhere, which means you're not tied to a single device or location.
  • It can generate references in a variety of journal styles, so you don't have to worry about formatting them manually.
  • It lets you search over 100 million cross-publisher articles, which makes finding specific research papers easier.
  • Mendeley offers job listings in the fields of science, technology, and health, so it's a handy tool for career advancement too.
  • You can import papers directly from your browser or desktop, saving you the hassle of manually uploading each document.

Use cases

  • If you're engaged in academic research, Mendeley can be a great tool for managing your references and finding the latest research papers.
  • It's a useful tool for managing citations when you're writing a paper and need to keep your sources organized.
  • When you're writing papers, Mendeley can generate references, citations, and bibliographies for you, saving your time.

Perfect for

  • Students can use Mendeley to manage their research papers and references and to generate citations for their assignments or thesis.
  • Academics may find Mendeley useful for keeping track of their research sources and for finding new research papers in their field.
  • Researchers can use Mendeley to effectively manage their research papers and to easily generate references, citations, and bibliographies.
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