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Synthical is an online service that helps you find articles on various topics such as Computer Science, Statistics, Biology, and more. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily access the website to search for articles that interest you. Keep in mind that you will need a Google sign-in and an email address to use the service, as account registration is required. With around 30,000 monthly visits, Synthical provides a simple and original way to discover new articles and stay updated on the latest trends in your field of interest.



  • Synthical has a search functionality that lets you find research papers.
  • It offers filtering options to narrow down your search.
  • It provides a folder organization feature to help you manage your findings.
  • It has an AI assistant to simplify articles and clarify terms.
  • Those are the main features Synthical offers.

Use cases

  • Synthical is great for finding research papers on a specific topic.
  • You can use it to organize your research papers in a structured way.
  • It can simplify complex articles and clarify terms for you.
  • It's useful for keeping up with new trends in your field of study.
  • Basically, Synthical solves your research paper search and organization problems.

Perfect for

  • Researchers will definitely find Synthical useful.
  • Students, especially those involved in heavy research, can benefit from it.
  • If you're someone who constantly deals with research papers, Synthical might be for you.
  • Those are the main users who can get the most out of Synthical.
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