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OpenArt is an online service that generates AI art from text. With both free and paid plans, it's available via Discord and offers 10M+ prompts to create and generate unique art and avatars. With around 4000000 monthly visits, it's a popular tool for unlocking new creative potential.



  • Offers Creative Variations to explore hundreds of versions of your original images.
  • Provides fine control over color generation for your images.
  • Has an AI thinking partner to interact with and create images.

Use cases

  • Expanding your imagination through Creative Variations.
  • Controlling color generation and outcome of your images.
  • Bringing your ideas to life without spending hours on prompting.
  • Interacting and exploring ideas with an AI thinking partner.

Perfect for

  • Creators looking to enhance their creative process.
  • Designers wanting to bring their vision to life efficiently.
  • Imaginative individuals eager to explore and expand their ideas.
  • Artists interested in pushing the boundaries of their craft with AI.
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