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Pastors.AI is an online service that helps you summarize, transcribe, and generate discussion guides from YouTube videos. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily create custom chatbots and resources for your church. Just sign in with Google and start utilizing the service on their website.



  • Pastors.AI allows you to create custom chatbots from YouTube videos of church services.
  • It can write sermon summaries and key takeaways with timestamped links.
  • It can extract insightful quotes from sermons for social media sharing.
  • It can create 5-day devotionals based on your Sunday messages.
  • Pastors.AI also allows you to upload sermon manuscripts to create resources.

Use cases

  • Churches can leverage their sermon videos to create valuable resources.
  • Pastors and ministry leaders can provide additional materials for church members.
  • Small churches that need a few resources each month can use Pastors.AI.

Perfect for

  • Churches may find Pastors.AI useful.
  • Ministry leaders can benefit from using this tool.
  • Pastors could find Pastors.AI helpful.
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