4 out of 5 levels

about 10M users per month

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PiliApp is a free online service that helps you calculate percentages, generate random numbers, and create random lists. With around 17 million monthly visits, it offers a user-friendly website for all your calculation needs.



  • Autocopy feature allows you to easily copy content
  • Save settings for future use
  • No installation required, use it directly online
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Supports multiple languages and comes with an easy-to-use interface

Use cases

  • Styling text in a variety of ways
  • Injecting zero-width whitespace in text for unique presentation
  • Testing internet speed to ensure connectivity
  • Adjusting time to your local time zone
  • Scheduling meetings across different time zones

Perfect for

  • Writers and bloggers who want to enhance their content with unique text styles and emojis
  • Game organizers and sports enthusiasts who need to track scores
  • Teachers and speakers who can use the fullscreen clock for timing speeches or lessons
  • Decision-makers who need a tool to randomly select from a list of options
  • Commuters who want to check fares, journey time, and distance for MRT and LRT stations
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