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Pinterest is a free online service where you can discover photo and business ideas. With around 19 million monthly visits, you can easily search for and find inspiration for your next weeknight dinner, home decor, outfit, or green thumb project. Explore new things and ideas from people around the world.



  • Pinterest has a search functionality that allows you to find specific ideas or trends.
  • It has a social sharing feature that lets you share ideas with others.
  • You can organize your content using collections and boards.
  • There's an Explore section where you can discover new ideas.
  • Pinterest includes user profiles and activity feeds, a follow system to stay updated with your favorite creators, and bookmarking and saving functionality.

Use cases

  • You can use Pinterest to find outfit inspiration.
  • It's great for collecting ideas for future reference.
  • Pinterest is handy when planning home decor projects.
  • You can explore recipes for weeknight dinners.
  • Pinterest is useful for discovering gardening tips and ideas.

Perfect for

  • Home decorators will find Pinterest useful.
  • Fashion enthusiasts can get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.
  • Cooking enthusiasts can explore a variety of recipes.
  • Gardeners can discover gardening tips and ideas.
  • Creative individuals will find a wealth of inspiration on Pinterest.
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