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PlanitTeachers is an online service that helps teachers generate lesson plans, child reports, and descriptions. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. Although email and account registration are required, the service aims to save teachers time by providing AI-generated lesson plans and personalized resources. With around 10,000 monthly visits, PlanitTeachers aims to revolutionize teaching by offering a comprehensive library for all subjects and age groups.



  • AI-powered lesson plan generation
  • World-leading teaching resources
  • Topic and age group customization
  • Help with child report writing and email replies
  • Complex question and quiz generation

Use cases

  • Creating lesson plans quickly and efficiently
  • Finding and organizing teaching resources
  • Customizing lessons for different topics and age groups
  • Assisting with child report writing and email communication
  • Generating questions and quizzes for various subjects

Perfect for

  • Teachers of all subjects and age groups
  • Educators looking for efficient lesson plan creation
  • Teachers needing help with report writing and email replies
  • Educators in need of question and quiz generation
  • Teachers looking to find and organize teaching resources
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