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Quizizz is an online service that allows you to easily find quizzes and lessons. It offers both free and paid plans and is accessible through the website, iOS, Android, and macOS. Despite some obstacles like social auth and email required, Quizizz has around 28 million monthly visits. Testimonials from teachers and academic professionals highlight its effectiveness in reinforcing concepts and motivating students.



  • Quizizz has powerups and gamification to make learning fun.
  • There's a ranking system to create a sense of competition among students.
  • It has special features like 50/50 to assist in answering questions.
  • Interactive questions are included to increase engagement.
  • The service allows quizzes to be customized as per the need.

Use cases

  • Teachers can use Quizizz in stations for group activities.
  • It can be used for tutoring to reinforce concepts.
  • The service is great for review and preparation for benchmark and state tests.
  • It can accommodate IEPs to cater to students with special needs.
  • It also promotes behavioral engagement and student leadership.

Perfect for

  • 4th grade teachers can make use of this service.
  • Academic instructional technology managers may find it useful.
  • High school math and English teachers can incorporate it in their teaching methods.
  • Special education teachers can use it for differentiating instruction.
  • K-12 instructional technology coaches can use it to provide immediate feedback and assessment.
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