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SceneXplain is an online service that can help you summarize videos, generate captions for images, and extract JSON from images. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through the website or API. The service may require social authentication or Google sign-in.



  • SceneXplain has multilingual support, so you can use it no matter what language you speak.
  • It uses cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to analyze visual content.
  • It offers seamless API integration, which makes it easy to incorporate into your existing systems.

Use cases

  • Ecommerce enterprises can use SceneXplain to generate captions for their product images or summarize their product videos.
  • SEO experts might find it useful for creating descriptive, SEO-friendly captions for images and videos on websites.
  • Media professionals can use it to quickly generate summaries of video content.
  • Content creators can use SceneXplain to automatically generate captions for their images or summaries for their videos.

Perfect for

  • Ecommerce enterprises could find SceneXplain useful for generating captions for images or summaries for videos on their websites.
  • SEO experts might use SceneXplain to create SEO-friendly captions for visual content.
  • Media professionals could use SceneXplain to quickly summarize video content.
  • Content creators may find SceneXplain handy for automatically generating captions for their images or summaries for their videos.
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