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Slatebox is a visual collaboration platform that helps you generate mind maps and slates. With a free and paid plan, you can create editable visualizations from natural language. Simply type your objective and let the AI assistant produce sticky notes to jumpstart your team's collaboration session. Boost your team's success with instant collaboration, 100+ templates, and an AI assistant that's always ready to help. Sign up with your email and start visualizing everything.



  • Slatebox has AI superpowers that can help with your collaboration efforts.
  • They offer a forever free plan, so you can use the service without any financial commitments.
  • Instant collaboration is a key feature of Slatebox, helping your team work together effectively.
  • You have access to 100 templates to get you started on your collaborative projects.
  • There's an AI assistant feature that can assist with the collaboration process.

Use cases

  • Slatebox can be used to boost team collaboration and improve the effectiveness of your team's work.
  • It's great for jumpstarting team success, helping your team to quickly get on the same page and start working towards your goals.

Perfect for

  • Teams that need to collaborate effectively could find Slatebox really useful.
  • If your team often works on projects that require a lot of collaboration, Slatebox could be a good fit.
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