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Spawn is an online service that allows you to generate characters, campaigns, and enemies for D&D. With AI-generated characters in less than a minute, you can create a unique party and craft diverse cast of characters. The service is available for free and paid plans on their website. However, you will need to provide an email and register for an account to access the service. Get started and unleash your creativity in the world of D&D with Spawn.



  • Spawn uses AI to generate characters and enemies for Dungeons & Dragons.
  • It allows you to create diverse and unique parties in less than a minute.
  • The service provides intuitive character sheets filled with essential stats like hit points, armor class, speed, initiative, strength, dexterity, and more.
  • You can input details like character names, race, class, background, alignment, ability scores, and inventory, and the service will generate a complete character or enemy.
  • The generated characters come complete with ability scores, inventory, and other essential details.

Use cases

  • You can use Spawn when you're preparing for a Dungeons & Dragons session and need to quickly generate characters or enemies.
  • It's also useful when you're creating characters for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and want to ensure diversity and uniqueness in your party.
  • If you're a game master needing to generate enemies for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Spawn can help with that too.

Perfect for

  • Dungeons & Dragons players might find Spawn useful for quickly creating characters for campaigns.
  • Dungeons & Dragons game masters could use Spawn to generate enemies for their campaigns.
  • Tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts in general could also find Spawn helpful for creating diverse and unique parties.
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