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Description is an online service that generates social media videos from text and blog posts, as well as generates ideas for posts. It offers free and paid plans and can be accessed via website, iOS, Android, macOS, and API. Some obstacles include social auth, Google sign-in, email requirement, and account registration. With, you can easily create engaging and professional social media content for your brand.



  • AI-powered content analysis that helps in creating captivating content
  • Reel Maker for creating engaging Reels and YouTube Shorts
  • Ecommerce Video Maker for generating product videos for Shopify
  • Quote to Posts feature that turns famous quotes into social media posts

Use cases

  • Used for marketing on social media by creating videos, carousels, and single image posts in brand language
  • Helps in generating social media posts from famous quotes
  • Assists in creating engaging Reels, YouTube Shorts, and video ads
  • Helps in generating stunning videos of Shopify products

Perfect for

  • is useful for businesses looking to enhance their social media presence
  • Entrepreneurs can leverage it to create compelling content for their brands
  • Marketers can use it to create engaging social media posts, videos, and ads
  • Content creators can use it to generate captivating videos and images for different platforms
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