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The Knot Wedding Planner is your go-to BFF for all your wedding planning needs. With easy-to-use tools and guides, you can create a personalized wedding planner. Available for free on the website, iOS, and Android. Get started today!



  • The Knot Wedding Planner offers easy-to-use guides to help with your planning.
  • You can find plenty of inspiration for wedding ideas on the site.
  • The service has online trackers for analytics purposes.
  • The Knot Wedding Planner uses behavioral tracking for targeted advertisements.
  • You can share content through social media with this service.

Use cases

  • The Knot Wedding Planner is great for finding inspiration for your wedding.
  • You can track your wedding progress with this service.
  • If you need help planning a wedding, this is the perfect tool for you.

Perfect for

  • Couples who are planning a wedding will find The Knot Wedding Planner very useful.
  • Anyone who needs tools and resources for planning a wedding will benefit from this service.
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