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Generate a Unicode character table online with the Unicode Character Table Generator. Enter the range of symbols and choose the output format. Get the Unicode number, HTML code, and symbol in decimal or hexadecimal. Free plan available.



  • The service allows you to output Unicode symbols in decimal, hexadecimal, HTML, and actual symbol formats.
  • It provides an option to copy the generated result directly to your clipboard.
  • You can use multiple variables at once while generating the Unicode list.
  • You can define a specific range of Unicode symbols for the generation process.
  • The resulting Unicode list opens up in a separate window for easy access and manipulation.

Use cases

  • The service can be used for creating unique nicknames using Unicode symbols.
  • You can use it to flip text for creative purposes.
  • It helps in experimenting with Gothic fonts.
  • It is useful for symbol manipulation activities to fuel creativity.

Perfect for

  • Creative individuals who like to experiment with text and symbols will find this service useful.
  • People who often need to manipulate text for various purposes can use this service.
  • If you routinely need to use Unicode symbols, this service can be a time-saver for you.
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