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Urban Dictionary is a free online service where you can discover the meaning of words. With around 36 million monthly visits, you can easily find definitions and slang terms on their website.



  • Urban Dictionary lets you search for specific words or phrases.
  • It has content created by its users, which means there's always new slang being added and defined.
  • The definitions are driven by the community, so you get to see how people actually use and understand these terms.

Use cases

  • If you come across a new slang word or phrase online and you're not sure what it means, you can look it up on Urban Dictionary.
  • If you want to start using more slang in your everyday language, Urban Dictionary can help you understand the meanings and contexts of different terms.

Perfect for

  • Any internet user who comes across slang terms they don't understand can use Urban Dictionary.
  • People who want to better understand and use slang language would find Urban Dictionary useful.
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