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Vexis is the ultimate grading game changer for educators. Grade tests with AI, sync with your progress, and enjoy unbiased, accurate grading every time. Start for free on our website.



  • Vexis has OCR capabilities which can convert scanned answer sheets into digital data.
  • It provides secure storage for students' data.
  • The service can understand free form writing.
  • Vexis offers a time-saving grading process.
  • It has organizational functionalities to help you manage your grading and teaching.

Use cases

  • Vexis can be used for curriculum development.
  • It's really useful for grading and assessment tasks in education.
  • Vexis can be used for lesson planning.
  • It generates detailed grading reports which can help in evaluating student performance.
  • You can use it to turn any scanned student answer sheets into digital data.

Perfect for

  • Teachers will find Vexis very useful.
  • Educators can benefit from its grading and assessment features.
  • Students can receive personalized feedback and understand their performance better.
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