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VMOD Fabric is the ultimate 3D fabric resource. Access the world's largest digital fabric library and ignite your digital designs. Discover compatible digital fabrics, use the Fabricator AI to create infinite fabric textures, and get 3D digital twins. Free and paid plans available on the website.



  • VMOD Fabric boasts the world's largest digital fabric library.
  • It has a fabric generative AI called Fabricator that's great for creating fabric textures.
  • The service offers a fabric digitization service where you can send in real-life fabrics to be digitally replicated.

Use cases

  • If you're a digital designer looking for digital fabric resources, VMOD Fabric has got you covered.
  • Textile designers can discover compatible digital fabrics for their projects.
  • For fabric manufacturers, the service allows you to create textures and digitize real-life fabrics.

Perfect for

  • Designers who need to find, create, or digitize digital fabrics will find this service useful.
  • Manufacturers who want to digitize their real-life fabrics might want to check this out.
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